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Drawing a Crowd

The Art Institute’s astounding collection of prints and drawings deserves a closer look.

(Chicago Magazine, November 2007)

10 Modern-Day Independence Movements

Whether you think Alaska should be a separate nation or that the Rock of Gibraltar is ready to pay its U.N. dues, these 10 regions are letting freedom ring!

(Mental_Floss, May/June 2008)

Inside Terry Jones’s War on the War on Terror

The former Python takes aim at Bush and Blair — without losing his sense of humor.

(Mother Jones, February 2, 2005)

Shake Hands With the Devil

The former head of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Rwanda on genocide and the failure of humanity.

(Mother Jones, January 25, 2005)

New Zealand Campaigns Sidestep Abortion Scuffle

A judge’s ruling could add New Zealand to the list of countries making their abortion laws more restrictive. But the issue, while hugely partisan in the United States, isn’t being mentioned by the re-election campaign of Prime Minister Helen Clark.

(Women’s eNews, September 23, 2008)

This Won’t Hurt a Bit

A Painlessly Short (and Incomplete) Evolution of Execution

(Mental_Floss, January/February 2007)

In a Strange Land

With their homeland in danger, workers from Tuvalu travel abroad in search of employment.

(Alicia Patterson Reporter, Fall 2008)